Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Timepiece Sundial & Girl with a Dolphin

The 'Timepiece'.

The river bank is home to many works of art, most of which are statues and sculptures as can be expected, but this favorite of mine is neither. The Timepiece by Wendy Taylor has been at it's place by St. Katherine's lock near Tower bridge since 1973.  It is a stainless steel equinoctial Sundial that has a 3.66 meter diameter, supported on three rigid chains that get you wondering how it could be done! It certainly features in the City of London Sundial walk.. City of London Sundial walk there are quite a few sundials within a mile of this one.
I have produced a poster among other things of my photo here...Sundial poster 

The 'Girl with a  dolphin' is just meters away from the sundial, it's set in a pond with a fountain, you can see that operating in my video here...Girl and Dolphin video it was made by the sculpture David Wynne in 1973, it has a sibling upstream at Cheyne walk called the 'Boy with a  Dolphin made in 1975..... boy and dolphin video which doesn't have  a fountain, but it's just as impressive!

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  1. Someday, I will get to see your city in person, hopefully, with you as my personal guide!! ;-)