Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Havengore and MTB 102

MTB 102 in St.Katherine's Dock 
The 'Havengore' leaving St.Katherine's Dock 

The 'Havengore' and the MTB 102 ( Motor Torpedo Boat) are two boats with one thing in common, they have both carried Sir Winston Churchill, Britain's wartime leader.
While the MTB 102 is only a visitor, photographed by myself here in September 2009, the Havengore is permanently resident.
The MTB carried Churchill at a review of the 1944 invasion fleet in the company of General Eisenhower, the Havengore carried Churchill's coffin up the Thames at the end of his funeral in 1965...all a bit different!
The Havengore was built to be a hydrographic survey vessel for the Port of London Authority in 1956 and stayed that until 1995, making it their longest serving vessel. It can now be seen on the river quite often doing private  cruises.
It has a website..
The Havengore will be one of the leading boats at the Queens Jubilee sail past in June.

MTB 102 has quite a history , a 20th century warship made of wood, good job she could do over 40 knots, she was one of the Little ships used in the evacuation of the British forces at Dunkirk in 1940, where, due to the disablement of HMS Keith by a Stuka dive bomber she became the flagship to Rear Admiral Wake-Walker for the last two nights of that operation.
Post war she was sold to private owners and featured in the film The Eagle has landed and Soldier of Orange. She also has a website...


  1. Thank you George. I enjoyed that. I wish I had looked more carefully at St Katherine's Dock!

    Charlie xxx

  2. Thank you for the Wonderful read .. I very much enjoyed the history of 2 Ships .. in one moment ..