Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introduction to 'Down by the Thames'

I've long thought about doing this blog, so here it is. The Thames is a river I love, not just because I'm so familiar with it, I've crossed it daily, beach combed it's banks, worked on some of the river boats, even had it's tides come in handy for a sending my troubles away.
I'll write things about it as I please, current events, past events, my thoughts and history when I meet it or feel like writing about it. Why just write news, that wouldn't be my whole relationship with  Old Father Thames. 


  1. I'm sure this will be great reading, George! It's especially interesting to me, because I will probably never have the opportunity to walk along the banks of the Thames. But to see it through your eyes, and to understand it's moods through your words, will be a close second.

  2. That is lovely George. I am going to look forward to the blog very much indeed. Woof:-) xxx